Roadtrip from Leeds to Cambridge

To start off I would like to share with you my experiences and little adventures during my camping trip from mid August to the beginning of September. My boyfriend  convinced me to do a camping trip in England after I finished my Master thesis in Leeds. His parents rebuilt an old van into a campervan and so I had no excuse. You need to know that I before I met my boyfriend never had been camping. The idea of spending day and night outside just was very frightening and uncomfortable in my eyes. However after a few short weekend trips and one tent holiday in Croatia I got used to the idea of spending my holidays on campsites and I even discovered the beauty of travelling quite simple.

Besides, I somehow needed to get all my stuff back to Germany which was easier with a van. You have no idea, how much things one person can accumulate in a tiny student accomodation. So we packed all my stuff into boxes and suitcases and off we went from Leeds to a small campsite in the Lake District which was our first stop.

Campervan in front of Broadcastingtower– Apologies for the bad quality – my phone camera is just not the best –

I always wanted to do some hiking there, so I figured it would be a good start for our trip. We stayed on a campsite near Keswick. Burns Farm was run by a charming family and had great views on the surrounding mountains. The facilities were great and very clean. I would highly recommend staying there if you are up for some hiking. It’s a good location to start different sorts of tours which I will talk about in the coming posts.

However getting your groceries was a bit difficult. Well at least it was a sport programme in its own. The first day we arrived, we decided to take the bike to Keswick to do our grocery shoping there. I did look at the map and was convinced that it would be not too difficult to get there. Well let’s say the way to Keswick wasn’t the issue because we mainly went downhill but realising that we would need to go up this much when we go back I was already scared when we arrived at the shop.

Good to have a strong boyfriend, because in the end he carried all our stuff in a big bagpack and we just ended up walking up the steep hill instead of riding… Next time I definitely have a closer look at the map ;).

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