Lake District – Hike around Blencathra


SchuheOn our first day in the Lakes we wake up to a beautiful sunshine and could enjoy our breakfast in front of our van. We decided to do a tougher tour at the beginning and see how it will go to decide what to do the coming days.

We started directly from our campsite and walked to the small village Threlkeld where we literally were saved by a nice lady who adviced us to take a route we originally didn’t plan to take. We  planned to do this tour but ended up doing a similiar route to this hike around Blencathra instead.

However, we changed it slightly and didn’t take the way over Sharp Edge but followed the Saddleback leading us over the different tops along the edge. It made the route shorter and gave us a really nice view over the valley. Our tour was then roughly 14km long and it took us 5 hours to complete it.

I am glad we didn’t do the  long one because I was quite exhausted anyways after the shorter one ;). Generally I can recommend the websites as a good platform for finding short and longer hikes within the Lake District.

Bild 1Bild 2The tour started off along a beautiful enchanted waterfall on which end we turned right to walk along the chain of mountain tops crossing some nice water streams and having a pretty good view into the valley.


After maybe an hour and half we started climbing up the mountain. I am actually not sure if we really followed the route. I must admit that our map was not detailed enough and so we went more or less with our guts which I know is not the proper way but in the end we hit the path we wanted to reach. I bought this map. It was fine for most of the hikes we did but sometimes just wasn’t detaied enough. I also took the waterproofed one just because I didn’t want to buy an additional map case to protect it from rain. I would always recommend a waterproofed map or a map case when hiking in Enland.  The ascend was  steep and we needed to take some breaks. We had such nice weather that we could walk in shorts which I never had in England before on one of my hikes.

As a side note, after this hike I was amazed about how steep the ascends and descends were. As someone who is used to hiking in the lower Alps it is irritating to go up a mountain straight instead of follwoing nicely laid out serpentines. However in this way we could enjoy the amazing views and did something for our fitness.

The path led us over the three tops up to the highest point of the saddleback. We passed by really nice views and fells and enjoyed the amazing views we got. We even could spot Derwent Water and our campsite.

DSCN5803view into the valleyLandschaft mit Schaf

The way down was again pretty steep and straight forward. In the end we again reached the little waterfall. In the village Threlkeld we rewarded ourselves with some coffee and local ice cream before we headed back to our campsite.

In general, I really enjoyed the hike which had great views and a changing scenery to walk through. We finished the whole hike in around 5 hours so we didn’t rush at all. The ascend is challenging for people with an avarage fitness like me but with some breaks definitely doable.

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