Lake District – High Rigg to Castlerigg Stone Circle

Our second day in the Lakes started again with great sunny weather and we decided after the tiring tour the day before to take it easier and climb High Rigg passing Low Rigg and ending our tour at the Castlerigg Stone Circle near our campsite. The tour was roughly 8km long and it took us 3 hours. However, you probably can finish it faster becasue we made a lot of breaks and were just tired from the hike the day before. You can find a detailed description and an outline of the tour here

We were able to start our route directly from the Campsite and climbed up Low Rigg passing Terwet Tarn a small lake beautifully laid in front of the mountains.

Tree with mountains

Lake near Keswick

After having climbed up Low Rigg we went down again and started our way up High Rigg. Here the signposting got pretty messy and again my map wasn’t detailed enough to really be sure about which way to take. However, there was a straightforward way to climb up High Rigg. When we arrived at the top we ate our self-packed lunch. I always like to do some nice sandwiches with cheese, ham and tomatoes. They survive low and high temperatures and are quite filling but not too heavy for continuing ;).

High Rigg top

The view on top of High Rigg was nice despite the slightly foggy weather. After a good rest we went down following less a path than a track of a farming vehicle. However, we hit the road we were ment to hid in the end and could continue our planned way to the Stone Circle.

Stonewall Sheeps

On our way there we crossed some sheep who kindly let us pass through their herd. Our final stop was at the Castlerigg Stone Circle. The Stone Circle belongs to the English Heritage but entrance is free of charge which is pretty great. I haven’t been to Stonehenge but this Circle was amazing in tis own. I guess this was the moment when I ticked off ‘visiting a Stone Circle (Stonehenge)’ from my England Bucket List, just because this one was satisfying enough. Especially with the mountains in the backgroud the view was stunning.

Stone Circle

According to the English Heritage this Stone Circle is one of the oldest in whole Britain. The Castlerigg Stone Circle was not used for formal burials but was probably either a trading place or a place for religious meetings.

We enjoyed the view for a while and watched the families play around the stones until we finally went back to our campsite. There we arrived just in time before the rain started to pour down. Well it wouldn’t be England if there would be no rain and as I was told especially in the Lake District ;).

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