Lake District – Hike around Derwent Water

On our last day in the Lakes we wanted to visit the nearby town Keswick and combined this with a hike around Derwent Water. We took our campervan and drove down into the town. The parking situation was a bit difficult especially with our big car. However, we found a cheap parking space near the lake with the local rugby team. From there we started our hike around the lake. The walk was quite easy due to a lack of ascents. It took us around 5 hours to walk the 15km (9.5miles). You can find an outline of the route here.

Derwent waterI think this tour was one of my favourites just because the scenery was so beautiful and changed every time I looked up. I always love to walk near water or a river. It has something calming and I am reminded of my childhood when my parents took us on a hike and we played in the lakes or rivers we passed.

HarbourThe good thing of hiking along Derwent Water is also that you can always shorten your walk by taking the boat which runs across the lake in an regurlary manner. It’s good to have the possibility to stop whenever you feel too tired to continue.

Dewernt Water 2Derwent Water 3Dewernt Water 4When we hit the other end of the lake we crossed a moorland with these stunning looking mountains in the background. Because of the weather it all looked very mystical to me.

Having a break

Shortly before we could finish the walk it started to rain, so we finally got wet on our last day. Entering Keswick, we then went into the first café along the road and enjoyed some warming hot chocolate with some cake. The Saddleback Café turned out to be a very nice location for homemade cake. You should definitely give it a go when your are in Keswick.

After relaxing a bit, we went off to explore Keswick a bit further. The town is very nice with lots of old buildings, narrow streets and lovely little local shops. In one backyard we discovered a cheese shop were we bought two delicious local sorts of cheese.

Keswick Keswick 2

Unfortunately it was very rainy on that day so we just walked along the main roads and soon headed back to our campsite were we enjoyed our last evening in the Lakes.

I hope you got a good impression of our time in the Lakes and got some inspiration what to do there. What are your favourite spots in the Lake District? Any tips?

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