One day in Oxford

After our stay in the Lake District we started our trip down to Cornwall. On our way there we stayed another two nights on a really nice campsite near Oxford. Again, I was astonished by the friendliness of the campsite owners and the ease with which the arrival and everything was done. The facilities were simple but always clean. So we really enjoyed our stay at Heyford Leys Camping Park and I can just recommend staying there if you want to explore the area around Oxford.

Arrival on the campsite

When we arrived, we were greated by sunshine and enjoyed our last Scones outside our campervan. The next day we headed to Oxford very early. There is a bus running every hour or so, directly in front of the campsite which brings you to Oxford. It’s a fourty minute drive and the day ticket was six pounds. Because we had just one day in Oxford we pretty much followed the recommendations of a friend of mine who studied in Oxford for her Bachelor. Thank you, Ruth!

So here is our itinerary of the day, I loved every part of it:

Bodleian Library

The famous library in Oxford is worth a visit. It’s the largest library in Birtain and one of the oldest ones, too. The best way to visit the library is to book a guided tour. We booked the standard tour which included the old library and the Divinity School. In both places scenes of the Harry Potter series were shot. Our guide was very knowledgable and made the tour pass very quickly. You can even book your tickets in advance online or buy it on the day on a first come first served basis.

Ceiling of the Divinity School, OxfordIt was such a great feeling to walk around the old library and just taking in all the stored knowledge there. I just love books and felt like in heaven ;).

St. Mary’s church

My friend also recommended to climb up the tower of St. Mary’s church which was definitely worth the small fee. You have a great view over the town and into the old colleges. Besides on our way up I spotted some mystical gargoyles and sculptures. I am always very fasctinated by the architecture and decoration of old churches.

College in OxfordchurchOxford

Coffee Jericho

After we climed up St. Mary’s and visited the tour we were ready for a break. I would recommend coffee Jericho for every coffee lover like I am. It’s a small café mainly occupied by students serving fair traded coffee and some sweet treats which just arrived from the bakery when we entered the shop.

Coffee and cupcakes at coffee jericho OxfordOn top of serving coffee you can also buy fair traded coffee beans in the shop or online.

Covered Market

After our break we headed out to further explore the town. I always love to  walk around and see where my steps take me. Oxford was very nice and had a very relaxed atmosphere. On top of that you kind of could feel on every corner the history and knowledge of this place.

We accidentially walked into the covered market which I would add onto the list of things you should visit on your one day in Oxford. I love markets and their atmosphere. The shops were all quite unique and the food sold there made me want to try everything.

Covered Market in OxfordOne day in Oxford

Natural History Museum

Our last stop before dinner, was the Natural History Museum. The museum is a bit off the center of the city but worth the walk. Entering it, I felt thrown back in time. The museum felt very unique to me. It was kind of unorganised in one way but then there was just so much stuff to see and explore that the room was just not big enough, I guess. This feeling of crowded showcases made it even more enjoyable and nice. It really invites you to explore in your own pace follwoing your own tastes and interests.

Natural History Museum OxfordIf you are not that much interested in natural history just go there to look around. The building itslef is astonishing in my opinion and it’s simply fun to wander around.

The Eagle and Child

After our day in Oxford we were ready for a warming, hearty meal in a local pub. My friend recommended The Eagle and Child which turned out to be the pub were C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met when they were students in Oxford. The pub belongs to Nicholson’s now. We had pie and burger for dinner and enjoyed the fact to eat in the same pub as some of the most famous writers.

All in all, one day in Oxford might not be enough to see and do everything the town has to offer, but I think with the itinerary I described here you get a quite good impression.
Please feel free to add any tips regarding sightseeing or eating in the comments. I am looking forward to it, so I have a reason to come back and visit this beautiful and historical town again.

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