What to do in and around Cambridge?

After our surfing adventure in Cornwall we headed off to our last stop, Cambridge. I have been to Cambridge twice during my time in Leeds and fell in love with the town and its surrounding little villages. Today I would like to share with you some of these sights in and around Cambridge.

We stayed with friends in Histon a village close to Cambridge. It was nice to finally leave our campervan for some days. Especially to the end, the limited space in the campervan was a strain to our nerves and I was looking forward to a bathroom for which I didn’t need to run through the rain or stumple through the dark. We stayed four nights in Cambridge before heading back to Germany.

So here, we go, these are my favourite spots in and around Cambridge:

1. Cambridge

Cambridge, like Oxford, has this feeling of history and knowledge on every corner. In comparison I think Cambridge has more green and open spaces but to me Oxford felt even more historical and old. Not sure, why and I would recommend everyone to visit both cities and see the differences for themselves.

Kings College CambridgeCambridgeWe had one day in Cambridge itself and wandered around the town exploring the narrow streets with its small independent shops. We watched some punting groups trying their luck with self-hired punting boats and just enjoyed the great weather.

Best Ice-cream in town

If you are in Cambridge in summer do not miss the ice-cream of Aromi. The ice-cream is so creamy and the taste is amazing. I tried almond ice-cream and my boyfriend got himself espresso. Both were just heaven.

Pembroke College

We decided to have look into one of the Colleges and chose the Pembroke College just because they didn’t charge any entry fee. I really liked it and after reading up on their history, I am really happy they haven’t started charging for entry, yet.

Green of the Pembroke CollegePembroke College church

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Our last stop was The Fitzwilliam Museum. The museum has different collections of art, artefacts from ancient Egypt or Greece and oriental sculptures, pottery and a lot more to discover. But even if you are not interested in art and culture, have a look inside. The architecture of the rooms is stunning. Especially the entrance hall with its marble coverings is worth a visit.

Entrance Hall Fitzwilliam Museum CambridgeGallery in The Fitzwilliams Museum

2. Ickworth

After having seen Cambridge, we headed to Ickworth the next day. The house belongs to the National Trust and is located a fifty minutes drive away from Cambridge.

With its round shape the house is very unique and the gardens are great for a walk. I love to visit these old palaces and houses which all tell a different story of a different often aristocrat family. Every time I visited one of these estates in my time in England I felt like in the middle of an episode of Downton Abbey.

IckworthIckworth GardenIckworth front

3. Ely

Ely is a small town near Cambridge with a stunning cathedral. If you get the chance try to go to their Evensong and take in the beauty and acoustics of this church. Ely itself is also nice to have a wander around with lots of small cafés to try.

Ely Cathedral

I could add more, but I guess this post is long enough already ;).  Have you been to Cambridge and what did you like most? I am looking forward to read about your tips in this city or area.

With this post my little series of travel posts comes to an end. I am looking forward to share with you some Christmas related posts next week ;).

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