How to create your own personal gallery

As you could see in my last post I love to visit art museums and galleries. Art has something inspiring to me. I find it very intriguing to think about what the painter thought about his or her picture and what intention they had with it. So every time I visit a bigger art museum I buy a postcard of one of my favourite pictures as a souvenir.


Up to now they all just were stored away in a drawer but I always had the plan to create my own personal small gallery out of them as soon as I had my own flat. Well, I don’t really have my own flat now, but as I told you I just moved in with my boyfriend which makes me responsible for decorating ;).

After the first weeks of sorting all our stuff out and storing it using the limited space up to the last centimetre, I headed off to the fleamarket last saturday to look for some old frames. I first thought about using one sort of frame for all the cards but decided that different frames would make the whole think more authentic.


I found these three frames very cheap on the fleamarket, cleaned them up and decided which picture would go with which frame.

In addition to the postcards I also recently bought three small pcitures which were shot with a pinhole camera by Przemek Zajfert, an artist from Stuttgart. I loved his small pictures and decided to get three of them for our new flat.


I wanted to frame these little beauties in a special way. For this I bought a bigger white frame at IKEA. I started by cutting out white cardboard in the size of the frame as the background. For the “frames” of the small pictures I cut out three identical squares in the middle of another cardboard. The squares where around 0.5cm bigger than the pictures themselves. After that I clued small cardboard stacks between the two cardboards and arranged the pictures within their little “frames”.

Crafting a frame

first results– I guess now you see waht I meant, right? 😉 –

I like how the pictures immediately look more valuable and just give the illusion of originaly peaces of art (if you ignore the size of them).

My own personal gallery

Just imagine how happy I was when all the pictures where up on the wall. I especially like how the different sorts of frames fit together and make the gallery even more interesting. So now I have my own little Van Gogh in my living room. How great is that!

Of course you can do your own personal gallery with what ever pictures or cards you like. Any ideas?

How do you like to decorate your flat? Any projects coming up?

2 thoughts on “How to create your own personal gallery

  1. Rainer Kilian

    Hi Jasmine,
    Nice blog!
    Actually were are sitting together in Frankfurt at breakfast.
    May be we’ll meet on easter in Goßbach.
    Rainer, Beate, Bernd and Petra

    1. Jasmin Post author

      😀 Thank you!
      Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and yes I guess we will see each other on easter sunday.


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