What to do with old clothes?

During my time in Leeds I lived in a tiny room in a typical student accomodation. Due to a very small wardrobe I really didn’t have that much clothes with me and after some time, I surprisingly didn’t miss anything. So when I came back to my full wardrobe, back home, I was a bit overwhelmed and started to strictly sort my old clothes.

Sorting things I had three categories in mind:

Stuff, I am actually wearing

I put everything aside which I hadn’t been wearing for longer than half a year. With every peace, I thought about possible combinations and styles and if I couldn’t think of any I put the peace away. It was such a good feeling to get rid of all that stuff I didn’t even use anymore.

Stuff, I thought others would like to wear
Stuff, no one wants to wear anymore

Some of my clothes just was so old, washed out or broken. Because I don’t like throwing away things like clothes I used special recycling bags where I knew the clothes would be sorted again and then recycled properly.

A friend of mine and me were thinking to go to a clothing fleamarket for quite some time. Now seemed to be the perfect opportunity to actually put our plan into action. All the clothes I thought someone might still want to wear was packed into a box and last weekend I headed to Munich to try my luck in selling them.

The fleamarket, we went to, was a special market for girls and started in the afternoon. So we didn’t have to get up very early like we would have to on a “normal” one. Together with another friend we booked four metres for our stall. In the end we could have used more than that and the preparation and arranging of our stall was quite a challenge.

clothing fleamarketClothesIt was my first fleamarket ever and I wasn’t sure if I would sell anything of my stuff. I just hoped not to lose money in the experiment. But in the end, I earned more money than I thought and on top of it had a great time selling, negotiating prices and chatting with the visitors of the market.

girls fleamarket
It was such a fun experience and in the end half of my clothes were sold and I am giving the remaining clothes to refugee camps and charity shops. I could also recycle them but because they are still usable, I feel better to give it to people who might actually wear them again.

What do you do with leftover clothes or other stuff? Have you been on a fleamarket?

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