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Great Architecture and a nice view – Library Stuttgart

The weather is dreadful, don’t you think. I mean it’s the end of april and we got snow on the weekend! The only good thing about the cold and rain is that I finally put my long pushed plans into action regarding sightseeing in Stuttgart. One of the things I wanted to do for quite a while was a visit of the city library in Stuttgart. I heard about their architectural audio guide tour which I finally did last week.


When the new library was finished in 2011 people in Stuttgart were and still are quite sceptical about the unusual form of their new central library. The very clean and strict architecture didn’t meet the general taste. I have to admit that I was irritated by the building in the beginning as well but the longer I live in Stuttgart and pass the library during day and especially night the more I love its special look.

The library was built by Eun Yong Yi. His philosphy is to try to bring modern architecture back to its roots by for example bringing his buildings back to its basic forms. His ideas and the meaning of the different areas within the library are well explained in the audio guided tour.

audio guide

The tour is completely free of charge and if you are not only interested in the architecture of the building there is also another tour about how the library is structured and where to find the books you are looking for.

The architectural tour takes aproximately 45 minutes and guides you through the whole building. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I just share with you some pictures and you can go and get the information by yourself doing the tour.

heart of the libraryinsideheartThe tour not only leads you through the library but also on top of the building onto the roof terasse where you have a great view over Stuttgart. Head down to the library before 6pm because the terasse is closed after.

view over stuttgart I highly recommend giving the tour a chance. The guide is very well made. There is a mixture of explanations and comments by the architecture himself which gives you a good understanding of his intentions by building the library the way it is.

On top of that you get a free view over the city and can pop into the café on the top floor for some coffee and cake.

Let me know how you liked it if you go.