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Wilder Kaiser – four days of great views, delicious food and fun trails

I know it has been quiet here for quite some time. I changed jobs at the beginning of the year and was pretty busy getting myself organised in a new city. But I really want to get back to sharing more of my small and bigger adventures here on this blog of mine. So to start things of again I like to share with you my first four days hike in the alps in the area of the so called “Wilder Kaiser”.

I always wanted to do a hiking trip from one mountain cabin to another. I just imagined it to be very magical to be able to see the sun rise and set high up in the mountains.

Sunset from the VorderfeldenkaiserhuetteAnd I was right. It is such a relaxing experience to be able to stay at a hut for the night and not having to get down to the valley before sunset. But let’s get down to the details of our tour.

Two friends, my brother and I more or less followed the tour put together by the DAV, the German hiking club. We did shorten the hike on our third day because the suggested cabin was fully booked. We therefore had to take another one which in the end was the best night we spent on our trip. However let’s start from the beginning.

Day 1- Kufstein to Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte
(1.415m up / 515m down – 3,5-4 h)

The tour starts at Kufstein in Austria. From Munich you can easily take a train which takes roughly one hour. In Kufstein you then have to take a bus to Ebbs and get off at “Schulzentrum” (school center). From there you follow the Kaiserbergstraße following the directions to Aschinger Alm until you reach a sign saying “Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte” – I know this is a very German name for a cabin ;). It’s the destination on the first day.

Following the serpentines up into the forest we quickly gained altitude. The path gets quite steep sometimes and very narrow as well. We reached the cabin in roughly four hours taking our time and making some breaks on the way up.

The Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte was a really nice cabin to stay in. We shared a five bed room with a nice guy who we met at the next hut as well. The terrace in front of the cabin is perfect for sunbathing. We stayed there till it was time for dinner and the sun started to set. Dinner was good but food wise the breakfast really blow my mind. The buffet was more than I ever expected to be served on a mountain hut.


Day 2 – Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte to Stripsenjochhaus
(1.400m up / 1.200m down – 7,5-8 h)

So having had a filling breakfast we set off on our second stage of the trip. You can choose between two different routes. One is a bit more challenging and goes straight up from the cabin covering three different peaks nearby before you end up on the same trail as the other option. We actually wanted to go for the less steep and shorter option but were forced to also make at least one of the peaks due to lumber work on our trail.

In the end the detour was worth the round about 1.000 metres more of altitude. The view at the top of the so called “Pyramidenspitze” was pretty great and the trail was, although a bit challenging, fun to walk. Instead of our planned five hours hike we ended up with roughly seven hours of walking before we reached our destination for the day: the Stripsenjochhaus.

Pyramidenspitzeday 2 at Wilder KaiserStripsenjochhaus

The last hour or so was quiet hard though. 20 minutes before you reach the cabin you have to go up around 100 metres of altitude which after a long day of hiking can be draining. However spotting the cabin at the ridge between to peaks wipes the hardship quickly away.

Overall the cabin was very clean and we enjoyed our four bed room. However compared to the other huts we stayed in, the food was only average I would say.

Day 3 – Stripsenjochhaus to Kaindlhütte
(547m up / 876m down – 6-7 h)

On the third day my legs started to get a bit tired. Starting the tour of the day, it didn’t help that we first had to get down to the valley. I always find the descent harder than the ascent. Make sure you stop at the Anton-Karg-Haus for a coffee or maybe even late breakfast when you reach the bottom of the valley. It might even be nice to skip breakfast at the Stripsenjochhaus and eat it after the descent at the Anton-Karg-Haus. I think the food might be much better ;).

But make sure that you don’t stuff yourself because from there the ascent via the so called “Bettlersteig” (beggar’s climb) starts. I think for this part you shouldn’t be a complete beginner and have some experience of hiking in the alps. The trail gets quite narrow some times and there are very short bits where a bit of scrambling might be necessary.

Bettlersteig - Wilder KaiserBut don’t worry, you don’t need proper climbing gear. As an experienced hiker you will have no problem at all. On the third day it was amazing how far we had come. Because on our way up we often saw the Stripsenjochhaus and even our first hut on the other side of the valley. It’s a great feeling to see how far your own feet can take you.

Wilder Kaiser After around six hours of relaxed hiking we reached our last hut: the Kaindlhütte. I only can recommend to change the original DAV tour towards this destination. The cabin isn’t big which makes it feel very cosy and creates a comfortable atmosphere. On top of that, we had the best food on our trip at this hut. So delicious 🙂

And if that’s not enough to convinve you, have a look at the pictures.

KaindlhütteKaindlhüttesunset at KaindlhütteDay 4 – Kaindlhütte to Kufstein
(263m up / 935m down – 3h)

On our last day we took the direct way down to Kufstein because we wanted to be back in Munich at around 4pm. We took around three and a half hours to get to the bus station where there is a bus every 30 minutes or so going to Kufstein.

However if you still have some energy left you can do another though hike over the so called “Scheffauer” and the Hintersteiner lake. If you don’t feel like you can handle another peak, you can still make a detour to the lake which is meant to be really nice for swimming as well.

Overall I was surprised how exhausted I was in the evenings and how in the moring after a few steps I felt energised again. The four days were very relaxing and a great oportunity for digital detox. We didn’t have any signal so we spent our evenings playing cards and having early nights. If you like hiking and the alps, I can only recommend doing this tour or a tour like this. You will love it.

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