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Lactose free Orange Tiramisu for New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year to all of you!

I hope you all had a great start into 2016 celebrating with friends or family.

We spent our New Year’s Eve with friends in Munich eating and drinking a lot, watching the firework and ending the night with long talks about the last year and the coming one. It was nothing really special but I think that made the evening even better. I always feel that New Year’s Eve is best celebrated with good friends and some nice food.

Food vise we decided to have a pizza. You can never be wrong with a good pizza ;). My friend asked me to bring a dessert to round everything up.So, I decided to stay with the Italian theme and found a recipe of an Orange Tiramisu here.

However, the problem is that my friend is lactose intolerant, so I adapted the whole recipe as a lactose free version. I need to admit that this was my first Tiramisu ever, so I was more than happy that it turned out just to be one of the best Tiramisu I ever had – well at least in my humble opinion ;).

For the Tiramisu (6-7 people) you need:

250g Cantuccini
80ml Espresso
4-5 Oranges
65ml orange liqueur
20g icing/powdered sugar
400ml lactose free yoghurt
350ml lactose free wipping cream
1 vanilla bean
some sugar
some cacao powder


To start, place the Cantuccini in a flat bowl and cover it with the cooled espresso.


Then start to fillet the oranges. I know, sounds extremely difficult, but trust me with a sharp knife its easier than you think. Just start by cutting of the top and bottom of the orange. Then cut of the peel so that there is no white skin left.

After you have peeled all the Oranges take a bowl and start cutting out the single fillets of the fruit. Use a sharp knife and it won’t be that difficult. It’s just a bit of a mess ;). In the bowl you can save the orange juice which you can use for seasoning the cream mixture later.

Orange filetOrange

Place the Orange fillets on top of the Cantuccini and pour the orange liqueur over the fruits. Cover everything with powered sugar and put it to a cool place to rest for one to two hours.


After resting it you can prepare the yogurth and cream mixture. As I said, I used lactose free products but the whole recipe also works with ‘normal’ milk products. Start by wipping the cream and add it to the yoghurt.


The original recipe uses a mixture of natural yoghurt and vanilla yoghurt but because there was no vanilla version of lactose free yoghurt I decided to spice my mixture with a vanilla bean which made the whole thing even better, in my opinion.

To add the vanilla flavour you just have to cut the bean open and scratch out the vanilla seeds with a knife. Add it to the yoghurt and cream mixture. I sweetened the mixture with some sugar and the orange juice from cutting out the fillets till it tasted slightly sweet. You don’t want to over sweet it because the Cantuccini and oranges are quite sweet so the cream needs to balance this out.


Finish the dessert by spreading the mixture over the oranges. Because I needed to transport the whole thing, I finished it at my friends place. Shortly before serving, I dusted the Tiramisu with some cacao powder and served it on little plates.

Orange Tiramisu

I was so happy that this first attempt in one of the classics of Italian cuisine turned out so well. It really was a good finish to our festive meal on New Year’s Eve.

What did you do for New Year? Any special food?