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DIY – Christmas Cards with Fuse Beads

Every year I am looking for ideas to craft my own christmas cards. I just think it’s more personal to craft them by myself and I enjoy the whole process way too much to buy cards instead. This year I came across this blogpost by Camilla from MummyMag.

I loved her idea of using fuse beads for christmas cards. Me and my brother were obsessed with those beads for quite some time in our childhoos doing all sorts of useless pictures with those beads. For that reason I still found a box of those beads on our attic.

Fuse Beads

To craft your own christmas greeting cards you need:

  • fuse beads
  • a board to arrange the beads on
  • carton in the wished card colour
  • ready letterings

To start off you need to decide what motive you want to create with the beads. I really liked the foxes of Camilla but decided to try some reindeers as I always find them very christmasy.


However, throughout the course of crafting I also thought about a christmas tree or snowflakes as nice pictures for a greeting card.

Christmas TreeSnwoflake

After you arrange the beads on the board you have to iron them. For that you can use some baking paper to put between the iron and the beads. When ironing the beads make sure they fuse all together so that the whole thing holds itself.

ironing fuse beads

After finishing this, start to make your cards. I chose to go for a format of 10,5x15cm which fits well into normal envelopes. But feel free to choose any format you like.

crafting christmas cards

To finish the cards clue the beads picture onto the front of your card. I decorated my cards with one stripe of a similar coloured paper on which I put a lettering sticker saying ‘Merry Christmas’. You should be able to buy this sort of sticker in any well stocked crafting shop.

Christmas cardcards

There are still some days left till Christmas, so I hope you got some inspiration and maybe feel like trying your own Christmas cards. Let me know how it ended or if you prefer to buy your Christmas cards.