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DIY – gift for travel enthusiasts

One of my best friends recently left for a three month placement in Mexico and I was struggling to find a fitting farewell present. I didn’t just want to buy anything but wanted to give her something she could actually use during her travel and which in the best case would remind her of me. So I remembered that I once sewed a neck cushion for another friend when she was moving to another city. I figured that this could be it, because you can always use a cushion on long distance flights and especially if you will spend some time in coaches exploring the country.

To sew a cushion isn’t really that difficult. All you need is a sewing machine, a square formed peace of basic fabric (double the size you want the cushion to be) and some colourful fabrics for the applications.

cushion– I decided to put “Have a good journey” in German on the cushion –

You start by drawing the letters or figures you want to applicate on your cushion. Then cut the templates out and do a first arrangement on the fabric, so you get a feeling for how the cushion will look later.

letter drawingFor applicating the letters onto the fabric I used some sort of fusible web. It is just easier to sew the letters onto the basic fabric. I guess with some needles and patience you could also do without it.

lettersWhen transferring your figures to the fusible web be careful and turn your templates to the left. If you forget your letters might be back-to-front.

letters arrangingironingAfter arranging the letters you just iron the whole cushion and the fusible web will connect both fabrics. After this, you sew the letters to the fabric. I chose red thread and a broad stitch so it was more a point of decoration than just connecting the letters to the fabric.

sewingI always do a trial run on a small piece of left-over fabric so I get a feeling for the machine and get back into sewing. After you sewed all the letters to the cushion, use a wide stitch to border the fabric, so it doesn’t dissolve later.

After that you turn the fabric up side down and fold the square in the middle so it has the size of your cushion. Then start sewing the sides together leaving a gap on one side for filling.

finalisingfillingBefore filling, of course turn the cushion on the right side. I used normal stuffing material which you can get in a well equipped crafting or sewing shop for the filling. Fill it till you think it has the wished density and then close the gap by hand.

finishFinally enjoy the satisfaction of creating something handmade and look forward to see the surprise in the eyes of your friend. I just love giving people selfmade presents, it is so personal. And of course I get a reason to do some crafting on top of it :).

What are your favourite present ideas? Any ideas for farewell presents?